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If you are unaware of the benefits, you may think that pressure washing your home is an unnecessary expense; however, this should be a core component of every homeowner’s routine maintenance. If you need professional pressure washing in Florence AL, to help restore your home’s curb appeal, ProHome Washing LLC is here to serve you. Our thorough cleaning services are the most efficient and effective way to clean the exterior of your home and protect your property, your time, and the well-being of your household.

Our cleaning company is known for providing a service with integrity, trust, dedication, and professional results that surpass our clients’ expectations. When it comes to keeping your home and environment clean and tidy, no other company offering pressure washing in Florence AL does it better than ProHome Washing LLC. We take great pride in our high-quality cleaning services at a reasonable price, so we provide 100% customer satisfaction for every client.


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Dirt, mold, and oil stains accumulate over time on your driveway, making it unsightly. While it is difficult to prevent it, having it expertly power washed can help restore its former luster. We can completely transform your driveway and give it a fresh new appearance in minutes. Don’t put off taking care of your driveway until it begins to exhibit indications of wear and tear or damage. Hiring a professional company like ProHome Washing LLC saves you time and money! Our pressure washing solution gets rid of oil, grease, and other build-ups from your driveway, restoring your home’s curb appeal. We utilize a solution that seeps into the driveway’s pores to remove dirt and mildew while also preventing it from returning.

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Although paver surfaces are low-maintenance, they can still attract dirt, moss, algae, grime, and other forms of marks since they are prone to staining and discoloration. The only way to clean paving efficiently and effectively, is with power washing. Our paver pressure washing solution is what you’ll ever need to ensure your pavers are restored and appear exactly the way you want them. No company offering pressure washing in Florence AL can clean your paver better than ProHome. We use cutting-edge products and equipment that will clean all sorts of paver surfaces irrespective of how delicate they are. Our cleaning solutions will undoubtedly improve the curb appeal of your home.

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Dirt, debris, mold, and grime can accumulate on decks, causing the surface to degrade and become slippery, perhaps resulting in injury. ProHome Washing LLC offers the most effective solution to clean various surfaces, including the deck. We offer professional and high-quality cleaning unlike any other on the market, ensuring that your deck’s structure and integrity are preserved. We will help you keep your deck looking great all year. Our team can power wash your deck to prepare it for a fresh coat of stain, or clean it thoroughly at the start and end of every season to keep up with routine maintenance. We only use the safest cleaning solutions and processes.

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A thorough cleaning is the simplest and most cost-effective way to significantly increase your house’s value. A neat and orderly storefront can easily improve client traffic for a business. Slick or slippery sidewalks or steps pose a risk to your family and visitors. Contaminants such as algae, mildew, and mold are also a dangerous liability for you and your family if you are exposed to them regularly. Our top-notch services create inviting conditions for anyone that enters your property.

The best and safest way to protect your property from expensive repairs and unneeded maintenance is to keep it clean at all times. Cleanings on a regular basis preserve your most valuable asset against rot and decay, increasing the life of your surfaces. ProHome Washing LLC is here to help you! If you require professional pressure washing in Florence AL, we will make sure your home is left looking gleaming at all times.

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Frequently Asked Florence Pressure Washing Questions

Pressure washing is the process of removing dirt, oil stains, grime, rust, mold, and other unattractive matter from the exterior concrete surfaces of your home or business, using a high-pressure water spray.

It’s better to leave the pressure washing of your home or commercial structure to the experts. Our Florence AL pressure washing crew has the requisite skills, experience, and equipment to complete the task swiftly and effectively. Hiring a professional also eliminates the risk of damaging your property or injuring yourself all through the process.

The truth is that it varies. The climate and the amount of rain we have in a particular year have a role in when and how things get dirty. You should expect to book a pressure washing service for your property at least once a year to keep your home in perfect condition.

Pressure washing is not suitable for all applications due to the high pressure involved. Your parking lots, pavers, pathways, driveways, and other hardscapes around your home are commonly the only surfaces that can withstand this type of cleaning. Our expert team knows all the proper methods for various surface types and we will always ensure your property is in safe hands!

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